Superman #14

Superman 14
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The House of El is united against Rogol Zaar once again in Superman #14. They fight in the place where he changed all their lives, Krypton. Kara, Jon and Krypto rejoin Superman and Jor-El. But can they stop the Monster who destroyed their home planet before the radiation kills them? The universe’s remaining Kryptonians have a chance for revenge against the one who murdered the rest of their race.

Credits and Thoughts

Brian Michael Bendis continues on his Superman run with part one of the conclusion to the Unity Saga. That title takes on a whole new meaning at the end of the issue. I will say, and this may spoil it, this issue does what comics do where the cover doesn’t exactly match the story. There is some confusion on the outcome, at least for me. I’ll get into that later. But the art is pretty good. Ivan Reis provides the pencils. The inks were done by Joe Prado & Oclair Albert. Alex Sinclair provides the colors. They had a ton of work to do here with some scenes on Thanagar with a massive amount of people to draw and color. It gets a little busy but it does look like they had fun with all the different characters.

United House of El and Zod

Superman #14 – *SPOILERS*

Bendis gives a frame story for this issue. We pick up after the battle with Rogol Zaar. We see they are on Thanagar and everyone is back together. This includes Zod as he is with the House of El. Then we flash back to the battle. Jor-El has brought Superman to Krypton in order to lure Rogol Zaar there. Once Zaar and his army, including Zod, arrive, Zod turns on him with Jax-Ur. The fight and the radiation kills everyone except Zod and Zaar until Superman finally goes out to rescue Zod. Its here that Superman realizes that Zaar is also Kryptonian. As Zaar sets to strike again, Supergirl arrives and calls Zaar’s axe to her. Jon and Krypto are with her and they eventually get the better of Zaar.

But then the Thanagarian Guard arrives. Here is where I get a little confused. It really doesn’t show Zaar anymore after they leave the Kryptonian ruins. We have to assume they take him into custody along with Jor-El but its just not stated or shown. On Thanagar, the Khunds attack a city and we find out that the all the collectives distrust one another and there is unrest all over the galaxy. But Jon has an idea inspired by the United Nations to bring the planets together in diplomacy. Its then that the Legion of Super Heroes arrives and asks Jon to join them as the founder of the United Planets.

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