Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11

Mary Jane is the focus of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11. It is a really cool look at a day in her life taking care of everyone’s favorite wall crawler. I really hadn’t thought about it, but there hasn’t been much Mary Jane in this series. When you’re reading Amazing Spider-Man also, they tend to blend together sometimes. But MJ gets some attention she deserves after the battle against Fairgray Pay and Helminth was won by lawyers.

Credits and Thoughts

Tom Taylor has absolutely killed it with this series and this is another great issue. He’s really not using any huge surprises or gimmicks to lure readers in either. He’s just telling really engaging stories. Everything from starting the series with Aunt May’s cancer diagnosis to Marnie’s origin story in issue #9. It’s all been fantastic. You really have to read issue #9 for real, it’s fantastic. This issue has Juann Cabal drawing and Rachelle Rosenberg coloring. The artwork is simple and smooth looking. There are many panels that just have an almost solid background with the characters popping off the page. I really like what they did here with as story and artwork that showcases the character over everything.

Friendly Neighborhood Mary JaneFriendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 – *SPOILERS*

After a long night of fighting Trolls as Spider-Man, Peter stops to grab bagels for himself and Mary Jane. Exhausted, Pete falls asleep at the table. Mary Jane then takes Aunt May wig shopping in preparation for her cancer treatment. Later, MJ is on the subway underneath the Queensboro Bridge. She has a quick chat with Doctor Sebbens, May’s Oncologist, just before the train hits a Troll. Not panicked at all, MJ takes charge in getting people off the train and distracts the Troll to help everyone escape. While the Troll is focused on her, Spider-Man shows up to help. But its not Peter, its Miles.

I’m going to be real honest, I didn’t know Miles existed in this universe, but it’s pretty cool he was a part of this issue. They work together and take out the Troll with a little help from Miles’ electric shock. Then MJ calls on Tony Stark to help with the clean up. She then returns home with pizza for her and Peter and tells him all about her day.

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