Batman/Superman 1
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Batman/Superman #1 has our two heroes working together to stop the Batman Who Laughs from infecting others with his toxin. The story spins right out of The Batman Who Laughs. But there is some backstory explained so those of us who missed it aren’t totally lost. Batman and Superman must be able to trust each other to defeat their inter-dimensional menace. But that is easier said than done when anyone can be infected.

Credits and Thoughts

Joshua Williamson is writing this series. This book was not on my pull list but my LCS put it in my bag as a “you may like this” issue. I was going to put it back since I already pull two Superman and two Batman books. But Williamson is doing such an excellent job on the Flash I gave it a shot. So far so good too. I really feel like I would enjoy it more if I had read The Batman Who Laughs but it was still good. Even if I don’t know everything that is going on. The artwork was superb. David Marquez is drawing with Alejandro Sanchez coloring. Their Gotham is very well done. And the opening sequence is pretty terrifying . If you’re looking for a good Batman/Superman team up, you should start here.

Batman Calls to SupermanBatman/Superman #1 – *SPOILERS*

The opening sequence goes to show how dangerous the Batman Who Laughs really can be. We have Superman at the Daily Planet when he gets a call from Batman about a situation at the Justice League. Clark speeds away to help. He arrives at the satellite but he can tell something is off with Bruce. When he enters, he is greeted by the bodies of many of the Justice League, and some air-born Kryptonite. The Batman Who Laughs had lured him into a trap. We know from some internal dialogue that he goes on to kill every hero and villain on his Earth before it is suck into the abyss.

Now, back on Earth 0, Batman is explaining the situation to Superman, who can hear him in Metropolis. They learn from Gordon that a kid Danny was kidnapped. His little brother says that Superman kidnapped him, and that Superman was laughing. So they set out to find BWL’s base of operations. Upon arrival they see that he knows they will find it. He has left disturbing images of all of Earth’s heroes with infected faces. They are then attacked by one of his Robin’s, Billy Batson. Billy says he is glad he was taken and that he’s now free. The issue ends with an infected Shazam attacking our heroes.

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