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Angel 4
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Angel has been sent to the realm of the demon that attacked Fred in this month’s Angel #4. This demon has preyed on people vanity for centuries. And he is now using social media to possess his victims. But Angel, Fred and Lilith have a plan to stop him by fighting on his own turf. I’m still not 100% sure why Lilith is helping Angel but its a good mystery that the series has going for it. If you were ever a fan of the Buffyverse, you should jump on these books. Also, an old favorite character arrives in this issue.

Credits and Thoughts

Bryan Edward Hill continues on this series reboot. I have thoroughly enjoyed his take on Angel so far. There is plenty of mystery to keep you on your toes and the characters are not just copied and pasted from the tv series. Gleb Melnikov illustrates this issue with Roman Titov coloring. Character design and atmosphere capture the story very well. I like that the art is a new take on the characters as well. Gleb is not just trying to draw David Boreanaz. He’s created his own Angel. You can absolutely grab this book if you are new, and it has a fresh feel if you are a long time fan.

Lilith and FredAngel #4 – *SPOILERS*

Angel is in the demons realm as he tries to destroy him. But his powerful illusions are almost too much for him to take. Back on Earth, Lilith frees Fred’s mind from her madness. Now that Fred’s mind is clear, she reaches out to Angel as he is shown many of his past failures. He also is shown a future event involving what appears to be Buffy. Fred coaches Angel to find out the demon’s name. Once he realizes the illusions can’t really hurt him, he tricks the demon into telling him his name, Amarkax.

Using magic, not something Angel really enjoys doing, he binds Amarkax to his realm of sorrow. With Amarkax unable to effect the living anymore, Angel travels back to his place and Fred. Fred fills him in on what is to come. Fred being the sorceress, they now have to find the warrior, the watcher and the slayer. Its a safe bet to say the slayer is Buffy and the Watcher could be Giles. But the warrior is who they have to find next, and it is Gunn. But they have to find him fast because the Source of all Darkness is hunting them all.

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