House of X #3

House of X 3
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With a clearer picture of the timelines and where we are in House of X, issue #3 sets the stage for the assault on Nimrod. Best of all many of the X-Men make appearances in this one. Most importantly my guy Nightcrawler plays a big role in the attack. Cyclops is positioned as the leader with Wolverine, Jean, Archangel and others on the strike team. There is a ton of information packed into this issue as usual. Again, this is a must read for any X-Men fans or new comers looking to get into the future of the mutants.

Credits and Thoughts

Jonathan Hickman is on this run through the end of House of X and Powers of X. After they wrap up in October, Hickman will write the ongoing X-Men series and co-write the New Mutants.  Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia continue on this series with art and colors. They character design and environment are excellent. I particularly like the designs of both Cyclops and Jean in this series. Like I said, it is just a must read. If you are a newcomer, you will probably miss some references and characters. But don’t let that scare you away. I believe once this series is done, we will all be ready for the new era of X-Men.

X-Men together before the assault on NimrodHouse of X #3 – *SPOILERS*

The first part is setting up for the X-Men’s mission to stop Nimrod from coming online. Cyclops has assemble the team per Xavier’s request. Cyclops and a few others know that they may not be coming back from this one. The plan is to destroy the mother mold that Orchis has build in space so that Nimrod never gets activated. They are not taking any of the Krakoa plants, in case they are unsuccessful. So they will have to get there and back by spaceship. But they are a step ahead of the humans with plans for the mother mold and knowledge of where exactly to hit.

The second part of the story catches up to Sabretooth. He was actually captured in the first issue by the Fantastic Four when he, Toad and Mystique steal the information on the Mother Mold. At his trial Emma Frost show up with what I think is two of the Cuckoo sisters. Their names are not given but they do refer to Emma as “Mum” and they dress like Cuckoos. Emma informs the judge that Sabretooth has diplomatic immunity (I can only think of Sean from Psych) and he will be coming with them. This is because the State Department has recognized Krakoa as a sovereign nation.

The Assault on the Mother Mold

Back to the X-Men’s mission to prevent the creation of Nimrod. They approach and land on the Forge before the humans can really react. Then Nightcrawler teleport in for some recon. He and the Omega Sentinel, Karima know each other somehow. With everything going according to plan, the X-Men prepare to breach the Forge. But just as they are ready to move, on of the humans, Erasmus, blows up the sector they are breaching and the X-Men’s ship. We will have to wait and see if the X-Men are able to survive, and how they will get home if they do.

There is a ton of information given in Hickman’s “white pages” too. I will eventually put together some of that into another post. He fills us in on the evolution of the Sentinels, how a forge becomes a mother mold and eventually Nimrod. It’s all extremely useful for understanding this series and the future.

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