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Final Fantasy 7 Cover

On March 3rd 2020, Square Enix will be releasing the Final Fantasy 7 remake. It is the re-imagining of one of the most iconic games in JRPG history. You can pre-order now from for guaranteed delivery on the day it is released. This game will take the original story and immerse it into a game-play that was unimaginable when the original was released. Now we have some game-play footage and the people at Playstation Access are breaking down the battle system. Rosie gives her 5 reasons why the battle system is deeper than we think.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

With the new technology available, Square Enix has turn this game into a free flowing, immersive experience. Getting away from the turn-based system of the original, you are able to hack and slash at will. But that is not the end of this new battle system. You still have to strategize to be successful. You must wait for your ATV gauge to fill in order to perform more powerful attacks. Magic must be used in a calculated manor so that you don’t run out of MP. And Limit Breaks have to be used at the most appropriate times. This modern take on a classic looks to be an absolute joy to play.

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All that doesn’t even mention the graphics. The characters in this game are brought to life in stunning fashion. All your favorites will return with abilities of their own. The environments are dark and ominous to set the mood for the story. By Pre-Ordering through, you will also receive a Chocobo Chick DLC. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game and re-live one of my favorite all time RPGs.

Final Fantasy 7 Aerith

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