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Control comes out for PS4 and Xbox One on August 27th. You can pre-order now for guaranteed delivery from on launch day. Check out the gameplay video from Playstation Underground. They play through some of the sections of the game with a guest from 505 games. They show off the mechanics and battle systems. In this game you play as Jesse Faden. She has just taken the position of Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. It plays a lot like a horror shooter where your character has telekinetic abilities. The game is rated M for language and violence which you can also see in the trailer. So just be warned there is some mature content.

Control PS4 and Xbox One

As you are dropped into this position as the Director of the Bureau of Control, you find that you have special powers. One of these powers is telekinetic abilities that you use to defeat corrupted co-workers and take control back of sections of the building. We learn from the video that you will gain new powers and expand your abilities through out the games side quests and experience. You only have one gun but it can be upgraded and transformed though the control points that you clear. Also, throughout the story, you will find out more about Jesse’s powers and how she obtained them. Her powers also include visions that seem to guide her on her missions. Plus you get a little help from the janitor who makes you his assistant. This looks like a really fun and unique experience for Playstation and Xbox One.

Control Gameplay

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