Batman #77

Batman 77

All I can really say about Batman #77 with out spoiling anything in the first paragraph is Oh, My, Gosh. Tom King is a madman. This is like the third issue in a row that has sold out in the first 24 hours. I’m sure a second printing is already under way. I hate it so much but really, its just good writing. City of Bane has lived up to the build up. As angry as I was at this issue, an a bunch of issues since like #50, I just know that the conclusion is going to be a must read. So do yourself a favor and go back and get issues 75 and 76, then read this one. If you can’t find a physical copy, go to and get a digital one. That reminds me, who do I have to talk to at DC to get them to offer digital copies with the physical ones?

Credits and Thoughts

Tom King is still at it with his changing Batman forever stuff. I was thinking about starting a hashtag campaign that goes like Tom King’s Batman is #NotMyBatman. But in all seriousness, if he does what I think he’s going to do with the conclusion of City of Bane, in his words, its going to be epic. I cannot wait for the next issue already. Then there is the artwork. We have Mikel Janin and Tony S. Daniel on pencils and inks. Norm Rapmund also contributes on inks. An Jordie Belaire and Tomeu Morey on colors. There are two settings, Paris and Gotham. The visual difference of the two are very well done. Gotham has harsh lines and dark, warm tones. While Paris is smooth and bright colors. It is a very well put together issue.

Gotham Girl vs DamienBatman #77 – *SPOILERS*

I hate to even type this part. You really need to read this arc for yourself. But I also need to talk about it so here we go. Damien does exactly what he should not have done and goes into Gotham to take down Bane. At first it was like c’mon son! You’re smarter than this. But he had a plan. He may have sold his soul for a magic wand but it worked. He trapped Gotham Girl in mystical chains. Then its just him and Thomas Wayne. Maybe Damien can out smart the old man. But no, Thomas gets the best of him and he gets beaten and taken to Wayne Manor.

Meanwhile in Paris, Bruce is finally awake. Selina is singing to him in French while cooking. I had to through that in there cause I was upset that I couldn’t read French. Bruce is determined to head back to Gotham before his family go in there and end up getting hurt. But Selina is trying to convince him to wait and do it her way. I don’t think it is totally clear when the events are occurring. I’m assuming they are concurrent but did Damien go into Gotham before he woke up or after. It will just be interesting if timing of this all will play a roll in the future.

*The Big Spoilers*

Now comes the big part that has everyone talking. The deal with Bane was that if any heroes come into Gotham, they get beaten and thrown out. If any member of the Bat family shows up, Alfred dies. Well, with Damien tied to a chair, Bane makes good on his promise. Alfred didn’t plead for his life, he just begged Bane not to do it in front of the boy. But Damien had to watch and now they have Bruce’s son as a hostage in case anyone else gets any ideas. So do Bruce and Selina know what has happened when she is begging him to stay? Also, I hope the cover for issue #83 is a reflection of the content cause I’m ready for Batman to be back.

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