What are you going to be for Halloween?

Into the Spiderverse

We are planning a Spiderverse costume this Hallowee. Typically I wait until the last minute and then scrounge what I can to try and make a descent costume. We did have a few years where we did it right. We did a whole Star Wars theme one year. Christopher was a cardboard BB-8. I do own a cheap Ghostbusters costume I wore one year. Then there was the Scooby Do year where the dogs were Scooby and Scrappy. I was Shaggy. This year I’m trying to plan ahead and do things right. We are going to do an Into the Spiderverse theme and get some real costumes going. I’ll share what I’m thinking of piecing together but you have to promise not to go to the same Halloween parties as me. Plus we plan to go to NC Comicon this year in November so you can’t go there either if you’re wearing the same costume.

Spiderverse Miles Morales

Christopher is going as Miles for Halloween this year. So I’m going to attempt to put an authentic costume together through Amazon. I definitely have to get the black suit with the spider spray paint.  I’m not sewing that at home. Then the shorts with a belt, hoodie and jacket all need to be put together. I think he has some shorts we can use but I may just get a pair of Levis with the belt attached. Then there is the jacket an hoodie. This we could try and piece together but Amazon has a replica with the Spider-Man Logo. And then you can’t forget the web shooters.

Spiderverse Gwen Stacy

My wife’s Halloween Costume will be Gwen Stacy, or Spider-Gwen, or Ghost Spider. What ever you want to call her. She told me that there was no way she was wearing spandex. So I came up with an new plan. We’re getting her a Spider Gwen hoodie and mask. That’s the best I could get her to do.

Spiderverse Peter Parker

As for me, I’ll be going as the older, rounder Peter Parker. I will be wearing spandex but, like in the movie, I’ll be covering up a little. I’ll go with a pair of sweat pants and an trench coat for the old Peter look. Also, a cool thing about the Mile and Peter suit is you can order a custom size. So you just email the seller with your measurements and they make a custom suit. It’s a little more expensive that way though. So now we are ready to go into the Spiderverse.

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