Oblivion Song #18

In Oblivion Song #18 not everything is as it seems. Some we thought were the villain, may just turn out to be the victim also. Ed and Nathan travel back to the encampment in Oblivion to search for anyone left behind in the attack from the Faceless Men. They took everyone. Only Ed was able to get away. And now the have to work fast to find Lucy, Scott and everyone else they took.

Credits and Thoughts

Robert Kirman and Lorenzo De Felici continue to team up on Oblivion Song. Colors are done by Annalisa Leoni. This is a great issue and series all together. It keeps a pretty good pace. I haven’t thought than any issues were just fillers or slowed the story down. If you’re looking to get started somewhere in this series, I think you have to go back to the beginning. You can catch up with digital issues at Comixology.com or try out your local comic shop for TPBs or single issues.

Ed and Nathan search for survivors

Oblivion Song #18 – *SPOILERS*

Ed and Nathan arrive back at the encampment to find no one left behind. That is until one of the Faceless Men grab Ed. Nathan charges the creature with a knife. The knife does little damage and the Faceless Man turns it against Nathan, stabbing him in the stomach. Ed runs the creature through with a spear and they warp back to Earth. Ed gets Nathan to a hospital where they perform surgery and patch him up. Having avoided a total tragedy, Nathan starts to mend and they begin to plan their return to find the others.

Back in Oblivion, Keith is lining up the captured humans and leading into the Faceless Men’s base. Dane has a small confrontation with Keith. He asks him how he can turn on his own people. Keith replies by reminding him that they are the ones who exiled him. They did that because they thought Keith had killed his family. It turns out, they are very much alive and living in the base with the Faceless Men. Upon arriving home, Keith’s wife asks him what they made him do this time. It looks like Keith may be just as much a prisoner as the rest of the humans.

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