Sword Master #2

Sword Master #2 begins with Lin Lie getting the box from his father dropped off by a mysterious delivery guy. Later, Lie’s journey takes him to America to train under Shang-Chi. The first section, titled Boxes Within Boxes dives further into the mystery of Lin Lie’s fathers’ disappearance. What information can the Sword Master get from this package. The second section, titled Master Class continues with Shang-Chi warning Lie about the evil forces that will be coming for the sword.

Credits and Thoughts

Boxes Within Boxes is written by Shuizhu and drawn by Gunji. Greg Pak does the English adaptation. We find the out the identity of the crazy delivery guy. Plus, a new character is introduced that comes to the aid of the Sword Master. Master Class is written by Greg Pak with artist Ario Anindito and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg. Shang-Chi and his suspicions of all things magic continues to shape his training with Lin Lie. Lie struggles under his tutelage but ultimately wants to learn from Shang-Chi. I recommend this book for any fan of manga or anime styles but also for anyone wanting to get familiar with Shang-Chi before the upcoming MCU movie next year.

Lin Lie opening the boxSword Master #2 – *SPOILERS*

Boxes Within Boxes

The box delivered to Lin Lie was apparently from his father and contained a puzzle that is very familiar to Lie. He quickly deciphers the puzzle and opens the box to reveal a glowing orb. The delivery guy, who stuck around outside the door way transforms into a demon and attacks after Lie has opened the box. The wood from the box scratches the demon and causes him to leak like a balloon. Just when it looks like Lie is done for he falls onto the black sword and it springs into action against the demon. It doesn’t kill the monster but Ji Shuangshuang appears at the last second as the sword is flying around with a mind of it’s own.

Sword Master & Shang-Chi: Master Class

We begin with a dream sequence that has Lie killing Shang-Chi with the sword. It appears that Lie is under some sort of possession in the dream. After he wakes, he and Shang-Chi talk about the map to the Valley of a Thousand Tombs and the Sword. Shang-Chi suggests they get rid of the sword so that evil cannot get it’s hands on it. Suddenly, their argument is interrupted be some giant un-dead monsters. Disregarding Shang-Chi’s request to run away, Lin Lie stays to fight. But he is overcome by Ares, the God of War, and stripped of his sword.

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