Flash #76

Barry Allen is back from his trip down memory lane in Flash #76. Death of the Speed Force begins here with the Flash on a new mission with a new resolve. Last issue we saw Barry rebuilding the Flash Museum. But the Speed Force is dying and he must unite the Flash family in order to save it. Plus, Captain Cold uses his Dark Gift from Lex Luthor in the Year of the Villain tie-in.

Credits and Thoughts

Death of the Speed Force part one is written by Joshua Williamson. Rafa Sandoval contributes pencils with Jordi Tarragona on inks. Tomeu Morey provides colors. To be honest, Flash was a little rocky for me prior to the Year One arc. It didn’t help that I started reading at issue #50. But since the beginning of Year One, Joshua Williamson is really hitting it out of the park. If you’re new to the Rebirth Flash series, I suggest starting there.

Kid Flash and Avery vs Tarpit and Girder

The Flash #76 – *SPOILERS*

Wallace and Avery are busy trying to take down Girder and Tarpit. They aren’t having a ton of luck. That is until Barry shows up and tells them to see what happen when you combine hot tar and metal. With the two Rogues taken care of, Barry convinces the reluctant Titans to join him at the Flash Museum. Barry has built a speed lab inside the Museum so the Flash family can work on the mystery of their dying powers. Together with Commander Cold and Steadfast, they agree to work together.

Meanwhile, Captain Cold makes contact with Heat Wave. In attempt to allude capture, Heat Wave has himself surrounded in Barcelona. That is until Snart shows up with a new heat gun that is created with Luthor’s gift. Back at the Speed Lab, the Black Flash appears and attacks the team. Black Flash appears whenever it’s a speedster’s time to die. But it is not after any of the speedsters, its after Steadfast. As long as the other Forces are free, the Speed Force will continue to die. And Black Flash has come to kill the Still Force user. Can team Flash find another way to save the Speed Force?

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