Event Leviathan #3

Event Leviathan 3

In Event Leviathan #3, all evidence points to Jason Todd, AKA the Red Hood, as being at least involved with Leviathan. The world’s greatest detectives are in pursuit, but are they on the right trail? The group had Jason on a roof top but he managed to slip through their grasp. They have now gathered in the Fortress of Solitude to figure out what to do next.  Is the Red Hood actually Leviathan? And the question that has been present since issue one: Where is Amanda Waller?

Credits and Thoughts

Brian Michael Bendis continues to write this six issue mini-series featuring all the great detectives in the DC Universe. Art is provided by Alex Maleev. I really think the art work provides the right atmosphere of a mystery comic. The harsh lines and dark tones make this series not like your regular superhero comic. It is a little slow going but still keeps you interested and engaged. You can pick this series up at issue #1 and get into it but you may want to go back further in some of the pre-event issues from Action Comics 1007 up. During the mini-series run, there will also be a few tie-ins with Action Comics, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. DC has not announce plans for after the mini-series and what it means in the DC Universe.

The greatests Detectives regroup at the Fortress of Solitude

Event Leviathan #3 – *SPOILERS*

As our heroes regroup in the Fortress of Solitude, we get a recap of what transpired with Red Hood. Each of the team had a crack at him, but Lois is the only one that got any useful information from him. Red Hood seems to believe that he is being set up by the real Leviathan. His story is plausible and he leaves with the statement that if you find Amanda Waller, you’ll find answers.

Back at the Fortress, Damien finds the surveillance device that Waller left during her time there. With the Fortress being compromised, Batman orders everyone out. Green Arrow has a message for Waller before they go. This all happened on her watch. Next we see Waller and a group of Leviathan soldiers there to take her. Then, Superman descends to either help Waller, or take her himself to find answers.

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