Catwoman #14

Catwoman 14
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Hermosa Heat part one begins in Catwoman #14. This new arc brings the entire criminal underground of Villa Hermosa together in search of a single briefcase. The criminal mastermind who possesses said case will control Villa Hermosa. Some hired guns are also involved with NoBody and Gentleman Ghost making attempts to get the goods. Can Catwoman land on her feet?

Credits and Thoughts

Catwoman #14 ArtgermIssue #14 is written by Ram V. Mirka Andolfo provides the artwork and Arif Prianto colors. This has been a very good series I picked up from the beginning. It follows Catwoman after the wedding issue of Batman where she left him on the rooftop. This first issue in the Hermosa Heat arc was really entertaining. Time wise, we start close to the end of the story and backtrack until catching up to the introduction. I recommend this for anyone who wants to read a good Catwoman story. There is nothing big that stands out that will confuse you if you haven’t been reading prior to issue #1. And issue #14 is a fresh new story arc so you could start here if you wanted. It also appears that Catwoman will continue even after Tom King’s new Batman/Catwoman series begins. I managed to snag the Artgerm variant cover of this one.

Selina Kyle and Karen Rain

Catwoman #14 – *SPOILERS*

We start off toward the end of the story as we see Catwoman shot and descending into the water. The story really begins earlier with Selina meeting with a woman named Karen Rain. Rain was the wife of the former accountant to all of Villa Hermosa’s crime families. She give Selina information regarding the files that detail all the criminal activity in the city. Anyone who possesses the file will control everything. So Catwoman sets out to grab it before anyone else can. She manages to grab it from the armored car but an aphasia afflicted NoBody is there to get it from her.

NoBody uses a sonic frequency to mess with her equilibrium. After a short struggle, Catwoman leaves an explosive rigged case with NoBody as she makes off with the actual files. But then we get to the opening sequence of an assassins bullet hits her and sends her down into the water. She is saved from drowning by the Gentleman Ghost. He then informs her that there is a bounty on her head, funded by all the major crime families. They strike a deal that Ghost can have the file as soon as Catwoman has her revenge for the assassination attempt.

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