Batman Universe #2

Batman Universe 2

Batman: Universe #2 continues the story of the stolen Faberge egg. Green Arrow and Batman team up against Riddler to find out what makes this egg so special. Bruce has noticed that Edward’s riddles are not as creative as they normally are. He also notices he has trouble focusing in the presence of the egg. Their investigation leads Batman to Gorilla City to find more answers.

Credits and Thoughts

This story comes from Batman 100 Page Giant issues # 5 and 6. In it’s own series for the first time, we get a six issue mini-series retelling that story. Brian Michael Bendis writes this mini-series. Nick Derington is the artist and Dave Stewart is the colorist. I have really enjoyed this so far. It is just a stand alone story featuring Batman that anyone can enjoy. Not being a huge fan of Tom King’s Batman story, this is a nice addition to my pull list.

Riddler embarassing himselfBatman Universe #2 – *SPOILERS*

Batman and Green Arrow have Riddler cornered in Amsterdam. That is until the local police show up and surround them. Riddler gets away but he leave a box behind that poisons Arrow and makes him turn on Batman. After a quick tussle, Bruce administers an antidote to Oliver and calms him down. The Riddler then delivers the Egg to Vandal Savage. Later, Batman’s tracker he placed on Riddler leads him to Gorilla City. He finds the Riddler unconscious there with a forged note that is supposed to be from Superman. But before he can get it analyzed, he is transported to Thanagar

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