Batman #76

Batman 76

City of Bane continues with part two in Batman #76. Gotham is peaceful but under a tyrant rule. No heroes are allowed in, and the government is complying. This issue shows us how powerful Gotham Girl really is. Catwoman is back and has Bruce recovering in Paris. Most heroes have followed orders to stay out of Gotham. All except one, Captain Atom. Can he take down Gotham Girl and Thomas Wayne?

Credits and Thoughts

I may complain about Tom King’s Batman a little but he does keep me coming back twice a month. He continues to write this series with the City of Bane arc concluding his run. He will then get to tackle his monthly Bat/Cat series. Artwork for this issue is provided by a group consisting of Tony S. Daniel on pencils, Sandu Florea and Norm Rapmund on inks, and Tomeu Morey on colors. This arc is a culmination of a story that has been building since way back in issue #50 or even further. I do recommend at least starting at 75 if you’re planning to start the series now. I’m pretty ready for the turning point to come so I don’t have to see Batman beat up every issue.

Gotham Girl showing off her strengthBatman #76 – *SPOILERS*

Gotham is still under Bane’s control. Bruce is unconscious with Selina somewhere in Paris. No heroes are allowed inside the city and all the villians are either taken down or working for Bane. With Gotham Girl and Thomas Wayne being the biggest enforcers, Gotham is actually peaceful, but at what cost. Defying government orders, Captain Atom has ventured into Gotham to stop Bane. But Gotham Girl makes short work of him and literally throws him out of the city. With Thomas rounding up the last few remaining defiant villains in Kite Man and Scarecrow, no one is calling out for help and all is calm.

Damien is warned by Atom of how powerful Gotham Girl is, but he still wants to face her. Timothy tries to reason with Damien. They both know that if they show up in the city, Alfred dies. But can they just stand down while the man who broke their father runs Gotham? Catwoman is taking care of Bruce but has to steal in order to get the money to pay for it. She promises to never do it again if he will just wake up. City of Bane continues in the next issue of Batman.

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