Powers of X #2

Powers of X 2

Powers or X #2 dives deeper into 1000 years of mutant/human history. After the revelations of House of X, we get to see a somewhat clearer picture of Moira’s timelines. Jonathan Hickman and RB Silva continue to reshape X-Men past present and future. A few mysteries about the time lines are explained and some more questions are added. This mind bending series is a must have for any Marvel comic fan.

X-Men plan for an assault

Powers of X #2 – *SPOILERS*

Year One

We start off in year one again. Here Moira and the wheelchair bound Professor X are at Island M to recruit Magneto. He is reluctant a first, but Moira and Xavier show him the past lives that Moira has experienced. With and under standing that Magneto will not be sympathetic to the humans at any time, they agree to work together.

Year Ten

Year ten has Cyclops, Magneto and Xavier going over the information they have gathered on Nimrod, the machine that will fight with the humans. The collection of human scientist that call themselve Orchis have a mother mold for next gen sentinels ready to come online. The plan for the X-Men is to attack the orbiting mother mold and keep is from becoming operational.

Year One Hundred

This picks up where it left off with Rasputin and the Cardinal mutant returning to Asteroid K. Here the remnant of Krakoa are gathered. This is where I get a little confused. After last issue, I thought Xavier was still alive and leading the Asteroid K X-Men. But it was Apocalypse. I think this must be the Apocalypse timeline. In House of X, the diverging timelines has two that were seemingly still occurring. The Apocalyse life and House of X life. I believe, and I could be wrong, that the years one and ten of this issue are from the House of X life. But years one hundred and one thousand are from the Apocalypse life. Then we still have no information on life number 6. In the end, the X-Men get the information they need from Rasputin’s mission and Apocalypse plans to lead the X-Men against Nimrod.

Year One Thousand

This is where Hickman really loses me. We get into the ascension of a society or at least the attempt at ascension. The supplemental pages provide a ton of information about how societies and planets evolve and are consumed by each other. Nibiru is a ice giant planet orbiting the sun that is intercepted by Nimbus. Nimbus injected its self replicating machines into the core of the planet. Nimbus reached Worldmind status after ten years. You can also see the evolution from individuals to Phalanx. Intelligence is increased with each evolution to where planets and even interstellar societies share minds. The people left in our solar system seek the Phalanx to ascend to their society.

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