Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10 has Spider-Man looking for the solution to bring down a corporation led by a man that feeds on misery. Hobie has gone back after Helminth, even though Peter asked him to stay and watch over Marnie while she rested. Peter has gone to Stark tower to employ a different approach to stopping Fairgray Pay, and the madman who is running it.

Credits and Thoughts

Tom Taylor is doing an absolutely amazing job writing this book. When the series started, there were some super serious things going on. Aunt May was diagnosed with Cancer. There was an underground society after a woman and her kids. But through all that, Tom is able to keep Spider-Man genuinely funny and light-hearted. I really enjoy this series and I suggest you check it out. Art work is provided by a conglomeration of Ken Lashley, Scott Hanna and Luca Maresca. Each artist takes on a different section of the book. Colors are provided by Nolan Woodard. My favorite part of the book is depicted in the art below.

Does Spider-Man leave a residue?Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10 – *SPOILERS*

Peter has arrived at Stark Tower to recruit the help of Tony Stark. Yes that is Tony Stark, not Iron Man. Peter returns to Marnie’s apartment to find her still resting, but Hobie has gone back to Fairgray to take on Helminth himself. Hobie, as the Prowler, get into Fairgray and all the way to Helminth’s door. He is then let in so that Helminth can feed on his misery. It was a trap all along.

Marnie and Peter reach Fairgray in time to save Hobie and enact Peters plan. He instructs Marnie to take Hobie back to his place while he faces Helminth. Helminth thinks he has Spider-Man right where he wants him but he underestimates the power of his cheerful optimism. Spirder-Man is able to resist Helmints powers and knock him out until the cavalry arrives. The army that will take down Fairgray Pay is none other than Tony Stark’s lawyers and accountants. Tony just wears the Iron Man suit for effect. Later, Tony offers control of Fairgray Pay to Hobie. He believes Hobie will take care of all the people who need the services they can provide, including Aunt May and the FEAST shelter.

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