Fantastic Four #13

Fantastic Four 13

The battle between The Thing and The Immortal Hulk continues in Fantastic Four #13. The truth about who is the strongest is revealed. Ben only has a few minutes before he turns into a flesh and blood human and Hulk can smash him to oblivion. But we know Hulk is not acting on his own. The Puppet Master is controlling him to get revenge on Grimm for marrying his daughter Alicia. Can The Thing overcome the strength of the Hulk and save himself and the people trapped in the rock slide?

Credits and Thoughts

Dan Slott writes this issue with Sean Izaakse drawing and Marcio Menyz coloring. This two issue arc of the Fight of Your Life and been probably the best two issues so far. The art and colors are amazing. The story brings the focus on family, which is essential to any Fantastic Four story. In the end, can heart win out over muscle before it is too late for everyone.

Hulk and Think fight it out

Fantastic Four #13 – *SPOILERS*

Ben Grimm works out that the Puppet Master is behind the Hulk attacking him on his honeymoon. We saw Puppet Master receive some radio active clay while still in his prison cell on the Raft. It is hard for the Thing to focus on fighting Hulk while Alicia and the other island visitors are trapped by a rock slide. Hulk proves that he is the strongest, beating Grimm nearly unconscious. But just as Ben is about to black out, Alicia comes to his side after freeing herself and the others. With only seconds left before he becomes fully human, Ben launches a punch at Hulk that knocks him out but also shatters his arm.

Ben passes out as he turns into his old self. He later wakes up with the rest of the Fantastic Four around him, but its a week later. With a vibranium cast on his arm, he finds out that Alicia called the Reed from the Fantasticar and Hulk was gone by the time they arrived. In the epilogue, we see where Hulk went when he woke up. On the Raft, Hulk confronts the Puppet Master for using him against the Thing. Hulk crushes his hands, thus taking away his power to sculpt. Hulk isn’t done smashing but I believe he left the Puppet Master alive in his cell.

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