Amazing Spider-Man #27

Amazing Spider-Man #27

Amazing Spider-Man #27 has the all female Syndicate with a target set on Fred Myers, AKA Boomerang to get revenge on him for all the wrong he has done. They track him to the FEAST shelter where he and Peter are helping Aunt May get things in order after the last a incident. Many attempts by Mayor Kingpin have been aborted because of the presence of Spider-Man. But the Syndicate doesn’t seem to care about who gets in their way.

Credits and Thoughts

Nick Spencer continues to write Amazing Spider-Man with Kev Walker and John Dell providing artwork for this issue. Laura Martin is the colorist. In this “Who Run the World” part 2 arc, the Syndicate gets another villain added to their ranks. This story is progressing better than I thought it would after part 1. The Syndicate gets a little more depth. There is no mention of Kindred in this issue. But there is a pretty significant twist thrown in at the end you don’t want to miss.

Spider-Man Swings into ActionAmazing Spider-Man #27 – *SPOILERS*

After the Syndicate attacks the FEAST center, Peter gets Aunt May to safety and then joins Boomerang as Spider-Man to take on these villains. This group of all female super villains prove to be more organized than Spider-Man and Boomerang, and eventually knock Spidey unconscious with a gaserang and take Boomerang with them. Well, I guess Boomerang technically knocked Spidey out by accident but it had the same effect. They have the opportunity to kill Spider-Man but Beetle won’t let them, telling them to stay on task. Aunt May eventually finds Spider-Man outside the center as he comes to.

The Syndicate celebrate their victory and allow Electro to plot her revenge on Boomerang. The first small twist comes as Beetle is leaving the Syndicate lair. We find out through her conversation with a mystery organizer that she used the Syndicate to capture Boomerang. The person behind the whole thing is none other than Kingpin. So the Beetles plans for the Syndicate is less about female villain empowerment, and more about making an exchange with Kingpin for Boomerang. The next twist comes when Spider-Man returns home to find the tracker so he can find Boomerang. His other roommate Randy has his mystery date over when he arrives. It turns out his mystery date is Beetle. And being that she is still in costume, Randy knew she was the Beetle all along.

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