No One Left To Fight #2

No One Left to Fight 2
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No One Left to Fight #2 is the comic you always wanted. It says so right on the cover. The two brothers Timor and Vale are about to have a duel to see who is the strongest. With Timor’s children kind of rooting for their uncle Vale, can Timor stop before he seriously hurts someone? This issue gets deeper into a world where the heroes have won and there is actually no one left to fight.

Credits and Thougts

Aubrey Sitterson and Fico Ossio are the creative team behind this series. The character designs, the landscape and the colors are all magnificent. It is a really unique world they have created with whales in the sky and humanoid crustaceans. Its’ a little confusing starting off, but I really like the sense of mystery. What is the deal between Timor and Vale? Is it just sibling rivalry or is there something deeper? I also get the sense that maybe the way everyone perceives our hero may not be the reality. What if Vale is not the hero everyone thinks he is?

Vale wonders why everyone wants him

No One Left to Fight – *SPOILERS*

Krysta stops the boys from fighting before her husband Timor is able to use his blast barrage. Vale in pretty uninterested in fighting his brother. The next day the family is setting off to the place of their great victory and to see their former mentor. Before they can leave, Vale is greeted by tons of adoring fans. Timor isn’t happy about that. As they leave, we see a being with snake like eyes and fangs watching them in the shadows.

They arrive to see Mistress Harga and are greeted by an old friend Winda. She is way more into Vale than he is to her. She also is pretty cold toward Krysta. Timor complains that Mistress Harga was always harder on him than Vale and continues the sibling rivalry. The quarreling between Mistress Harga and Timor gets the best of Vale until he yells out in anger. He goes to his room to call it a night and is later joined by Winda, who proposes that he see her they way she sees him. Will Vale accept the advances of Winda? And who was watching that our heroes?

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