Invisible Woman #2

Invisible Woman 2

Invisible Woman #2 continues to prove that Sue Storm is one bad mother. In this issue we dive deeper into her life as a spy. She is still searching for her former partner, Aidan Tintreach. He was captured by Moravian spies and was only able to send out “Stormy”, his nickname for Sue, before the CIA lost contact. On this mission, Sue is joined by another bad woman, The Black Widow.

Credits and Thoughts

Mark Waid writes this issue with Mattia De Iulis providing the art. The artwork in this issue is absolutely stunning. The way the characters pop off the page with the backdrops blurred is awesome. De Iulis is a name I’m going to be keeping an eye out for in future comics. This series was one that my local comic shop, Blue Ox Games, slipped into my bag as something they thought I might like. Boy am I glad they did. I love Sue Storm having her solo series and how compelling the story is. It really is a good stand alone story. If you’re not reading Fantastic Four, you can still follow this pretty well. The inclusion of Black Widow is pretty cool in here as well.

Sue and Natasha working together

Invisible Woman #2 – *SPOILERS*

We start things off with a flashback of Aidan and Sue on a mission in Spain. They stop a bomb from being delivered by a KGB Assassin targeting someone named Alvarez. Presently, the Black Widow joins the Invisible Woman on her mission to find Aidan. The relationship starts off a little rocky with Natasha not sure of Sue’s abilities in the spy game. But an encounter with Changdao where Sue tricks him at a drinking challenge change’s Natasha’s perspective.

Just when they almost had a name of who told Changdao they were coming, an assassin’s bullet kills him. Getting away on a motor cycle, the two women must give chase. They finally track him down but not before he kills himself and his driver. It looks as if they will come away with no leads but Natasha finds a picture of Tintreach’s wife. Next they will have to find this woman and see how she fits in this whole plot.

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