CBD Biocare

CBD Biocare

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CBD Benefits

I am currently using the Full Spectrum oil and the Pain Balm. After a few days I can tell a difference in sleep and inflammation. I suffer from seasonal allergies. But unfortunately, every season has something I’m allergic to. There is a constant irritation in my sinuses that causes head aches and trouble sleeping because I have difficulty breathing through my nose. Since starting the Full Spectrum oil, my sleep and breathing have improved. I’m not walking around allergy free or anything, but I am waking up breathing a little easier each day.

The Pain Balm has been a bit of a mystery. I have been having a pain in my hip recently. Its almost like a muscle strain in my lower back. I started with a little dab in the effected area. So far though, I still have the pain. I’m going to start to increase the amount and frequency to see what helps. If there is an improvement I will update here. Maybe applying it in the morning and at night will show better results. Just doing it at night may be also helping me sleep.

There are a ton of other benefits and different products you can choose from on the CBD BioCare site.

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