Agents of Atlas #1

Agents of Atlas 1
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Agents of Atlas #1 has Jimmy Woo and Amadeus Cho finding a path forward for this new team of Superheros. Following the teams recruitment and defeat of Sindr, the team must lure the last remaining fire dragon to a remote location. As they always do with Superheros, problems arise. This issue has two parts. The first being The Portal City of Pan with the new team after the War of the Realms. The second is Behind the Veil, which features members of the old team. This is the first of a five issue miniseries.

Credits and Thoughts

The Portal City of Pan is written by Greg Pak, drawn by Nico Leon and colored by Federico Blee. It is well written and drawn, picking up after the War of the Realms as the team cleans up some loose ends. I really love these characters as they are all new to me. Since I’m also reading Sword Master and Aero, it gives more time with those characters plus the rest of the Agents. I do really appreciate how the creative team inserts the character names and descriptions for us that are just getting introduced to these characters.

Behind the Veil is written by Jeff Parker. Pencils are by Carlo Pagulayan and inks are from Jason Paz. Coloring is done by Dono Sanchez-Almara. Once again I have to appreciate the character names and descriptions. The original members of the Agents of Atlas are on a mission of their own. I don’t know if every issue will feature a story from the new team and the old team. It does appear that at least issue two will have both.

Agents of Atlas TeamAgents of Atlas #1 – *SPOILERS*

Portal City of Pan

The team has assembled at Madripoor to lure the last fire dragon to them. Their mission is to send the dragon back home away from civilians. Unfortunately, military personnel show up just as the dragon arrives. The team manages to keep the soldiers safe when a mysterious hero show up and kills the dragon. His name is Isaac Ikeda, The Protector of Pan. After he teleports himself and the dragon out of there, the team disperses to their homes.

Later, flashes of light are seen in the sky all around the world. Many major Asian cities are then merged together by Mike Nguyen. It all appears to be well intended, except for maybe being a money grabbing scam. Silk’s spider sense doesn’t give any initial indication of foul play. But just as Nguyen finishes his speech, Isaac falls from the sky, followed by dragons. The story is then to be continued as the heroes assembly against the dragons. We are left with Lao and Jimmy Woo stating that Amadeus won’t be lonely any more.

Behind the Veil

The story takes place in a jungle in Thailand. The original Agents of Atlas are searching for someone in a temple near the Yai River. They are met with some resistance but are able to quickly destroy the device the soldiers use to emit some disruptive sound. Venus then has to sing to subdue the remaining soldiers while Namora searches for who they are there to find. Her name is Cressida and M-11 tells them she is a powerful being. They are then met with a dragon who calls himself Mister Thong. He tells the team that the worlds conflicts and alliances are all forged by dragons who remain hidden. He teleports away before giving anymore information.

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