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Aero #2 is another double issue that has “Foreshadowing” as the main story. “Origins and Destinies” couples Aero and Wave in the events after the Agents of Atlas defeated Sindr. Foreshadowing has our hero battling to save the city she loves from a monster that is descending down on Shanghai. To stop the monster, she must first find who is controlling the monster. In Origins and Destinies part 2, Aero and Wave get a visit from Red Feather, who has come to reclaim Wave’s sword and armor. She was kicked out to Triumph Division for abandoning her post. Can they restore Wave’s standing with the Triumph Division?

Credits and Thoughts

Foreshadowing was written by Zhou Liefen and drawn by Keng. Greg Pak does the English adaptation. Aero’s story so far is pretty good. It’s a little slow but there is only so much that can be packed into half an issue. Keng’s art is very much in the anime/manga style. It’s not my favorite style but it is done very well. There’s a lot of whooshing which can be expected from a hero that controls the wind.

Origins and Destinies is written by Greg Pak and Alyssa Wong. If I’m honest, I like the two of them together better than the lone Aero story. Not to take away from Aero at all. I would buy both if they had separate issues. Artwork is provided by Pop Mhan with colors by Federico Blee. I like the style of art for the dual story more as well. The color pallet is warmer and more ranging. If Wave ever gets a stand alone series written by Pak I’m totally in.

Aero using her power

Aero #2 – *SPOILERS*

The Aero story in Foreshadowing continues with the giant monster descending on the city. Aero knows that if she kills the monster, it will just fall onto Shanghai and destroy the city anyway. So she must find the monster’s master in order to stop it. Studying the wind currents and heat signatures throughout the city, Aero can detect a warm but calm current coming from the one controlling the beast. She follows the air flow to her old mentor, Madam Huang.

There is a small flashback to when Ling thwarted Zou Yu’s attempt to propose on a date. She then left him in the restaurant to go save a boat full of people. After the flashback, Aero resumes the fight with Madam Huang. Being her former Mentor, Huang is ready for almost every attack. When Aero does strike a blow, Huang introduces her new apprentice, who appears to have some sort of power over rocks or earth.

In Origins and Destinies, Red Feather has found Wave to retrieve the swords and armor she was given by the Triumph Division. Aero is with Wave and stands with her friend against Red Feather. He manages to snag the swords quickly when he knocks both women back with a clap of his hands. Aero blows him down with her air currents. When Wave tries to mount another attack, Aero sends her flying to avoid any more escalation. The two regroup in Cebu and devise a plan to track down Alontech to prove her worth to the Triumph Division.

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