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House of X #2

House of X 2

House of X #2 is a mind bending experience that reshapes even what I thought about issue #1. It takes us further back in time for a look at how we got here. And when you’re finished reading, you have a whole new view of the X-Men past and present. The crazy thing is, we are just getting started. House of X #2 is only the second of 6 issues in this mini-series before 6 new X-Books are launched from it’s story.

Credits and Thoughts

Jonathan Hickman is the genius behind this new X-Men series. His story so far has been absolutely brilliant. He is bringing the X-Men Universe together in a coherent story with fresh looks at everything we knew. Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia provide the art and colors. Without spoiling the issue here, the art gives you at least a brief look at all you’re favorite X-Men. The story is mainly focused on the young woman in the park and Xavier. Everything is drawn brilliantly and showcases different color schemes for different eras and different character design. If you’re even remotely an X-Men fan you have to pick this series up. I’m not even sure what printing they are on now but they did have some second printings at my LCS for issue #1.

I snagged the John Tyler Christopher variant action figure cover. So far I have the Storm action figure variant for House of X and the Cyclops variant cover for Powers of X. I’m pretty happy about that if you can’t tell. I’m going to attempt to get those variants each week but will see how it shakes out. I tried something similar with the head-shot variants on X-Men Red but I only managed to get a few before someone decided to add that variant to their pull list and the Shop only got one. 🙁


House of X – *SPOILERS*

If you are like me, you had no idea who the young woman was at the fair with Xavier in issue #1. But we now know for sure that this is Moira MacTaggert. Always thought to be a mutant, we now know that Moira is a mutant. Her mutant ability is reincarnation. With each reincarnation, she is able to recall all the information learned in her previous life while still in the womb. As of this time, Moira is on her 10th and possibly final life. I had a crazy theory after reading Powers of X that the whole story was kind of a time loop where everything just reset after everyone destroyed themselves. Turns out I was wrong, but not quite a wrong as I thought I’d be.

Time Line

What’s Next

I have no idea. From the revelation from Destiny, it looks like this could be the final life of Moira X. But if she gets this one right does she get another life beyond this? Is that 11th life where she dies before 13 and is finally able to rest? Also, what does Powers of X have to do with any of this? This is going to be an extremely fun 12 issues.

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