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Greenville Comic Con

I know I’m late but I did want to write a post about this years Greenville Comic Con. My son, Tope, and I went from about 1-4 to the Convention Center in Greeville, NC. We had a blast seeing all the cosplayers and looking and all the artwork and vendor tables. I wish I would have done a pre-Con post and maybe met up with some people out there but maybe next year. I’ll go over some of the highlights and we’ll hop to see you at next years Con.

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I think the first big thing we saw was the replica Ecto 1 and giant Mr Stay Puft. Tope immediately wanted to try and get in the car and start the siren. It was a proud dad moment when he saw it and said “look dad, Ghostbusters”. At least I taught him how to recognized greatness. It would have been really cool if he could have gotten in there and started it up but I don’t think that was allowed.


This one Tope didn’t know but he was still really fascinated. You can see in one of the pictures he was trying to get into the car here as well. They had a replica of Dean’s car, Baby, with all the weapons and other evil fighting tools in the trunk. I really liked the Lucille bat that was included as a reference to Jeffery Dean Morgan. I know they had the bat in the show once or twice after he joined the Walking Dead cast.

Eastern Exotics Rescue

Probably one of the biggest highlights for Tope was the Eastern Exotics table and panel. They are a group that rescues all kinds of Exotic animals. The animals they have were either surrendered or obtained through animal services. In the picture you see the 85 pound reticulated python. She was a very friendly snake who isn’t even fully grown yet. They also had several monitor lizards, toads and a crocodile. I should have gotten more pictures but I was busy making sure Tope didn’t run off with an animal.

Sector Strange

The last thing I’ll highlight will be the Boland Art Studio table. They are a husband and wife team that love art and have put together a couple of comic books. We got their TPB for a short series called Sector Strange. It’s a strange world with human/animal people in a dimension far away from our own comfy planet Earth. It was great to meat them and Tope got to have a short Fortnite dance battle with Sam, who was dress as one of his characters. I have yet to dive into the world of Sector Strange but I will do a write up as soon as I do.

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