Marvel Action: Spider-Man #6

Marvel Action Spider-Man 6
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Marvel Action: Spider-Man #6 has Miles and Gwen captured by Kraven but Peter Parker is unaware. Kraven was hired by J. Jonah Jameson to unmask Spider-Man but quickly became more interested in the challenge than the money. After, stalking and testing each of the spiders, he is set to go after the most experienced Spider-Person and prove his skill.

Credits and Thoughts

Written by Erik Burnham, this issue keeps the action going and remains excellent for all ages. The art work by Christopher Jones and colors by Zac Atkinson are stunning. I love reading this with my son and it’s one of his favorites right now. He really wanted to be Spider-Man for our local comic-con but I totally blew it and didn’t get a costume in time. It is going to be interesting the see other Spidey villains come to life and face off against the three Spider Heros. This and the other Marvel Action series are must grabs if you have younger kids who want to get into comics, or really anyone looking for a more G rated read. I look forward to them as much as my son does.

The three Spider-MenMarvel Action: Spider-Man #6 – *SPOILERS*

Peter, unaware that Miles and Gwen have been captured, sees two look-a-likes while out swinging around the city. The two bogus spiders attack him and then run away while he gives chase. It is Kraven’s two children with holographic projectors that have led Peter right to Kraven. They go to guard Miles and Gwen while Kraven tests his skills on Peter. Despite the cage being made of Vibranium, Miles and Gwen escape their cage by breaking the lock (not made of Vibranium thanks to Alyosha) and subdue their captures while Peter battles their father. Kraven uses a poison that dulls Peters spidersense, but Peter is able to defeat him by turning that same poison against him. With all three Kravinoff’s taken care of, the Spiders use that story to gain an advantage at the Daily Bugle.

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