Knight Temporal #1

Knights Temporal 1

Knights Temporal #1 follows Auguste De Riviere, a former Crusader, in a quest to redeem himself from his past. His pursuit lands him out of his own time and into the modern era. Titled “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” we follow Auguste as he is chasing down a Sorcerer from his time that has also traveled to the future. This was one of my featured first issues from last week. So far so good as we get introduced to this world and it’s characters.

Credits and Thoughts

Cullen Bunn is the writer and creator for this series. He’s know for many other comics he’s written but the ones I see mentioned the most is Harrow County and The Sixth Gun. I was first introduced to his writing on Cold Spots. His writing in the horror genre is superb and it doesn’t disappoint here. The artwork for Knights Temporal is done by Fran Galan. Everything is super dark and creepy as one would expect in a horror comic. But Galan does an excellent job setting the mood and bringing the characters to life. I suggest picking this up if you’re a fan of Bunn or the genre in general.

Auguste enters the woodsKnights Temporal #1 – *SPOILERS*

The sorcerer, Gaspard, and his followers are fleeing from Auguste and his men. Gespard decides to head through the apparently haunted woods to escape his pursuers. As Auguste and his men approach the forest, the horses refuse to go any further. His men warn him that if he goes in there, he will be lost forever. When he does enter the forest, he is met with Jane Foole, who will serve as a guide on his quest to stop Gaspard. Next, we jump ahead to Auguste and Jane in the modern era. The story skips to a time after they first arrive.

They are met by an older gentleman who claims to know Auguste. The man says that August saved his life almost 50 years ago. Before they can get answers, they are attacked by some creatures that serve Gaspard. Auguste calls a sword from what appears to be within himself and goes on defense against the monsters. During the fight, we get a flashback to the night when the old man says Auguste save him from Gaspard. Only in this flash back, Auguste is killed. The old man is fatally injured in the fight and can provide no more insight. So how does Auguste not remember this event from 50 years ago? We can only assume that this is not the only time period Auguste and Jane have traveled to stop Gaspard.

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