Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 9

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9 gives us the origin story for Peter’s neighbor Marnie, AKA The Rumor.  There are also guest appearances by a couple of Avengers. In his investigation into the breaking and entering at Aunt May’s shelter, Peter found that Hobie Brown, the Prowler, may have fallen back into his criminal ways. As it turns out, Hobie was doing some investigating of his own into Fairgray Pay, a crowdfunding organization that also funded the shelter. This lead them both, to recruit Marnie to infiltrate the headquarters of Fairgray Pay. Marnie quickly finds out that she know the leader of this scam organization. But who is this Helminth?

Credits and Thoughts

Tom Taylor continues to write this series and is doing an amazing job. I always look forward to cracking this series open when I get it home. And this issue was one of the best so far. The Rumor gets an origin story and it is brilliant. Ken Lashley and Juann Cabal bring the characters to life. Nolan Woodard and Marci Menyz provide the colors. There are some very serious themes underlying the story. But at the same time its light-hearted as Spider-Man should be. This is the Spider-Man series to beat right now.

Spider-Man and the RumorFriendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9 – *SPOILERS*

The issue picks up where Marnie is in the clutches of Helminth. Spidey and Prowler are outside about to jump in but she warns them to keep their distance. Trusting she knows what she’s talking about, Spider-Man gets Marnie out of there and back to her apartment. It’s there that she explains who this Helminth is and why she knows him. Marnie was the Japanese government’s equivalent to Steve Rodgers. She fought with Captain America against the Nazis. But after Pearl Harbor, Steve himself came to tell her she was going into an internment camp. He offered to let her run but she knew the people inside those camps needed her.

While inside one of the camps, Kenneth Helminth arrived. He was also a human experiment that the government had given extraordinary powers. His power was to feed off of the suffering of others. So he was choosing he prey among the Japanese-Americans in that camp. Marnie caught him as he was trying to feed off a young family and defeated him. But apparently he’s back and feeding off people who need help again.

Peter then visits Tony Stark to solicit his help in taking down Fairgray Pay. But while he is gone, Prowler gets it in his head that he cannot just sit and wait. He heads to Fairgray to take on Helminth by himself. They are expecting his arrival and Helminth gives instructions to break his legs and bring him up.

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