Fantastic Four #12

Fantastic Four 12

Fantastic Four #12 has a settled down team that is ready to let Ben and Alicia finally have their Honeymoon. But is Hulk going to allow them some peace? Dr. Doom’s plans to harness Galactus’ energy have been foiled. The War of the Realms being brought to Yancy street has been averted. Franklin has his license to drive in New York City. What better time for Ben and Alicia Grimm to go on a vacation?

Credits and Thoughts

The Honey Moon Crasher is written by Dan Slott. Sean Izaakse and Marcio Menyz provide the artwork and colors. There is another story included titled Speed of Light, but it focuses on the Future Foundation. I’ll focus on the Honeymoon Crasher for this post. This is a fast paced and action filled story. The artwork and colors are awesome. I think we are still awaiting the next big threat to the Fantastic Four, but this was a really cool sort of down time issue.

Ben and Alica before the Honey MoonFantastic Four #12 – *SPOILERS*

Ben and Alicia are all set to finally go on their Honeymoon. But before they go, Sue make Ben give up his communicator so he can spend time with his new wife. Ben worries that they will need him but hey have contacted Luke Cage in Ben’s absence. It turns out it might be Ben that needs the Fantastic Four, not the other way around. Once they arrive and settle into their bungalow, one of the resort workers calls someone to let them know Ben has arrived. We later see something streaming through the water toward the island. Its The Immortal Hulk!

The Hulk bursts out of the water and challenges Ben to a fight. Wanting no parts of this on his vacation, Ben concedes that the Hulk is the strongest one there is and asks to call a truce. But there is something wrong with this Hulk. And who would know where Ben and Alicia were spending their Honeymoon that would want to hurt him? Alicia’s father, The Puppet Master is using his power to control a Hulk puppet to take out the son-in-law he doesn’t approve. But before the battle is over, Alicia and other bystanders are trapped under a rock slide. Can Ben deal with this Hulk puppet before its too late?

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