Angel #3

Angel 3

In Angel #3, the Vampire with a soul is facing off against a demon possessed person who is targeting Fred in a psychiatric hospital. This demon is using social media to prey on young women. It has already killed an old friend of Angel’s and we’re not sure why it’s now targeting Fred. Lilith is seemingly helping Angel but can she be trusted? And can Angel free the host of this demon without harming her human side and what can he do to keep Fred safe?

Credits and Thoughts

This issue is written by Bryan Edward Hill and Illustrated by Gleb Melnikov. Roman Titov provides the colors. I got my hands on the Bouncristiano cover variant that isn’t shown here but it’s pretty dope. I am really digging the direction they are taking Angel. Its not trying to just retell the original with a little bit of modern upgrades. They throw in some references to the show but, for the most part, its a fresh new story. The characters are re-imagined and the backstory is different. Melnikov does an awesome job of bringing the story to life. You can tell from the way they talk about the series and the way they have created it, they love the source material. They are doing it justice in these first few issues. I highly recommend adding this to your pull list.

Angel vs the DarknessAngel #3 – *SPOILERS*

We are back in the near empty psychiatric hospital. Angel has got to get rid of this demon without harming the host. I really do want to know how he got a priest to bless a water balloon but he did and it worked. Since the demon was going after Winifred Burkle, a patient at the hospital, Angel decides to take her with him to keep her safe. Once they are back at Angel’s place, Fred is repeating a phrase about ones and zeros in a row. Lilith shows up and explains that she knows how to get to the demon. She also tells Angel that this demon is one that preys on vanity. It has now evolved into the modern age using social media and electronic devices.

It is also made clear that Fred plays an important roll in Angel’s future. She is destined to become a powerful sorceress. Lilith also gives a glimpse into the relationship between him and who I assume is Buffy. I don’t want to say anything for certain since Hill is not just trying to retell a story here. I like the reference to the episode of Buffy titled Becoming in here as well. More on this in a bit. Fred uses a little magic to send Angel through a portal to find this demon and stop him. He uses his own blood to open the portal as Fred warns him to not believe anything he sees on the other side. Lilith warns Fred that while Angel is currently her friend, there may come a time that she has to kill him.


This reference to the episode could be a glimpse of what is to come. The two part episode has Angel without his soul and Buffy trying to get it back. At the end of the second part, Willow restores Angel’s soul but not before a demon has awakened that only his blood can stop. Buffy has to kill Angel to stop the world from being sucked into the demon’s vortex. I’m not sure if it all was intentional but it does line up with the episodes and plot points shown here. Angel using his own blood to open a portal. Fred maybe having to kill him at some point. It’s just pretty cool that this creative team seems to love this story as much as many fans.

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