Flash #75

Flash 75

Flash Year One concludes in Flash #75. This extra-sized issue marks the anniversary for Joshua Williamson’s run on the title. Barry has to choose between running away and saving himself and the world from a time paradox. Or he can stay and fight and risk it all, but save Central City from King Turtle. He has two Turtles to deal with now that the future’s Turtle has come back and is trying to bring time to a halt. This is also the Year of the Villain issue with Luthor making his offer to one of Flash’s old nemesis.

Credits and Thoughts

The issue is written by Joshua Williamson with a team of artist working on the issue. Howard Porter, Christian Duce and Scott Kolins all contribute pencils and inks. Colors are provided by Hi-Fi and Luis Guerrero. This Flash arc has been one of my favorite DC books coming out right now. As the title suggests, it was a look back at Barry’s first year as the Flash. We find out the reason behind this Flashback (that works out well) in this issue as well. The artwork is awesome as always with a ton of action sequences. I recommend going back and picking up the whole Year One arc if you weren’t reading along to begin with.

Flash vs King Turtle

Flash #75 – *SPOILERS*

Barry cannot bring himself to run away from this fight. It is ultimately the thought of leaving Iris and the city he loves behind to be controlled and tortured by King Turtle that makes him stay and fight. To save the city and avoid the time paradox, he must run fast enough to pull everyone except Turtle into the future a few seconds. As he does this, everything about the future of the time loop disappears, including the future Barry Allen. The Flash did it. He saved Central City and avoided the paradox. Later we get to see Barry meet Wally and Wallace for the first time. Then we are back to the future for the reason we are experiencing this Flashback.

Back in the future, we learn of a new user of the Still Force by the name of Steadfast. He is showing Barry these memories of the past to also explain the knowledge of the Forces he has learned. Steadfast is determined to use the Still Force for good instead of personal gain. After learning what Steadfast wants to teach him, Flash gets to work doing good and rebuilding the Flash Museum. He also recruits Commander Cold to help. This is the beginning of the future for Flash.

The next section is the Year of the Villain tie-in with Lex Luthor. Lex pays Flashes old Nemesis Captain Cold a visit to make him his offer. We also get a look at Leonard Snart and his days with the Suicide Squad. He is always coming back from those missions that he’s not supposed to come back from. Losing teammates has become very tiring. So Snart jumps at the chance for revenge and to get out of the Suicide Squad.

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