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While everyone has been busy trying to track down Leviathan, Action Comics #113 has a vigilante emerging in Metropolis named Rose/Thorn. Well, Thorn is the vigilante, Rose is the other personality that is not conscious when Thorn is active. The character is returning to the DC Universe and she is dangerous to would be villains. And Robin Goode has the scoop on Thorn and the invitation she received from Leviathan to join them. We also see Luthor pitch his offer to a couple of people in this Year of the Villain tie-in issue.

Credits and Thoughts

This issue is written by Brian Michael Bendis. He’s busy with a ton of DC writing right now and doing a pretty good job of it. Action Comics has been my favorite title of his so far. Its weird to me that the Superman title and this are on two completely different paths but are occurring in the same Universe at the same time. That tends to happen a lot in comics. Szymon Kudranski provides the pencils and ink for this issue with Brad Anderson coloring. One of the biggest things about this series for me has been the artwork. I absolutely love the way Kudranski make the characters in certain panels pop off the page by blurring the background. I also like the more block style panel arrangement as oppose to more splash pages with panels placed within. Go grab this issue and more if your a fan of Superman and other DC Comics.

Luthor and The QueenpinAction Comics #1113 – *SPOILERS*

Luthor make his appearance early in this issue. His drone brings a present for the Queenpin of Metropolis’ underground crime. She politely refuses and runs away with her guards. Robinson Goode is pitching the story of Rose and Thorn being invited to join Leviathan to Perry. He questions her sources but he finally gives in and lets her run with the story. But is appears she is losing control of the Red Cloud powers as she starts to turn into the cloud right there in Perry’s office. She escapes to the bathroom before anyone can notice.

Meanwhile, Thorn is shooting up a bunch of Leviathan recruiters when Superman shows up. He captures one of the soldiers and begins questioning him to find answers. With the help of Thorn… well she wasn’t really a help at all and they didn’t really get much useful information. They did however find that Leviathan soldiers have the ability to shift people from one location to another in the blue flash of light. Clarke theorizes  that this is what is behind the destruction that Leviathan is doing to the world’s spy organizations. This would explain why they never find bodies. At the end, Luthor is back, making his proposal to Miss Goode this time. He tells her he can complete her powers and ease her discomfort. He also explains that he knows her secret origins and is willing to tell her about it. Its going to be interesting to see what Luthor has up his sleeve.

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