Skyward #15

Skyward 15

This is the series finale of Skyward. Fix the World part 5 brings to end a fantastic series from Image comics that created a world with low gravity. The battle with the farmers is over. Chicago was saved by Willa and her friends. But now the city has to figure out how they are going to survive with no farmers selling them food. The world outside the city is too dangerous. Can Willa come up with a plan to save Chicago again?

Credits and Thoughts

Skyward’s final issue was written by Joe Henderson. Lee Garbett provided the artwork and the cover. And Antonio Fabela did the colors. As for the story for this issue, it was a nice wrap up to a very good overall series. It seems a lot of series end with the battle being over. But Henderson and the team went beyond the final battle and dealt with what happens next. The art and colors are awesome. They just absolutely fit the story so well. I love Willa’s look throughout the series. If you didn’t read any of these books I suggest you go back and grab them. It was such a fun journey.

Wllow and Edison Skyward

Skyward #15 – *SPOILERS*

The battle with the farmers is over. And now the rich and powerful of the city want to get back to being rich and powerful. These people are namely Edison’s family. They blame Willa for bringing the war to Chicago in the first place. But now comes the real danger of going without food. With their supply cut off, and seemingly no one with the ability to farm food for the entire city, they must come up with a plan. But Willa has a solution to all their problems. But can she convince the higher ups in Chicago and Crystal Springs to go along with her plan?

She first has to approach the farmers who are left that are living outside the city fighting off giant bugs every day. First Willa needs to know that they are willing to continue to farm for the people of Chicago. They agree, and in return, Willa offers them a place at Crystal Springs. Now she must convince the people at Crystal Springs to let the farmer stay there and farm their unused land. It took some convincing but they all agree it is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Now Edison has agreed to take a position at Davies Industries to work for his mother. He also plans to keep the dealings of his families notoriously shady company in check. Willa and her Mom set out to see the world. Who knows what the oceans look like with no gravity.

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