Amazing Spider-Man #26

Amazing Spider-Man 26
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In Amazing Spider-Man #26, Peter gets a little peace after returning Doc Connors to his family. Mary Jane did her own Super Hero thing to save an old rival. And now they have some semblance of normalcy. But Electro was freed by what appeared to be a group of all female Super Villains. And Kindred is still out there, haunting Peter’s dreams.

Credits and Thoughts

This issue is written by Nick Spencer. It feels very much like a filler issue. You can tell they are setting up multiple arcs while keeping Kindred in the background. The artwork is done by Kev Walker with colors by Laura Martin. Everything is drawn really well. I like the look of Peter and Boomerang in this issue. There is a lot of panels on top of panels with splash pages as a background. I wasn’t really impressed with this issue story-wise but it does feel like it was laying some ground work. There was a lot of overlap with the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man too. I know comics do this a lot. But I would rather read two distinct stories than have two stories going on in the same universe, at the same time. That’s just me though.

The SyndicateAmazing Spider-Man #26 – *SPOILERS*

We start off with Kingpin believes he has found something that he has spent years searching for. Unfortunately for him, Boomerang was way ahead of him, and what ever it was, it wasn’t there anymore. Now that Boomerang is trying to be a good citizen, and roommate, he and Peter are planning to go help out at the F.E.A.S.T. shelter that Aunt May is running. This is where the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man story crosses over a lot. The shelter cannot open back up without some permits and a clean up after Boomerang blew a whole in the wall trying to stop Prowler. Fisk is after Boomerang for fooling him again but when his men arrive, they cannot act because Peter is with him. We’re shown an Image of Kindred and Kingpin indicating why they won’t risk hurting Peter.

Also we are shown the reason Electro was freed after being captured last issue. The new Beetle has started a crime syndicate of all female Super Villains. She already has Lady Octopus, Scorpia, White Rabbit, and Trapstr (without the E, and maybe the A). This seems a little goofy to me but we will see how formidable the Syndicate can be. Electro refuses to join them until she learns of their first target. Boomerang! They show up at the F.E.A.S.T. shelter and blow yet another hole in the wall to make their entrance and find Boomerang. He has become quite popular since trying to leave his life of crime.

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