Marvel Action: Avengers

Marvel Action: Avengers #6

Marvel Action: Avengers #6 is another great issue in this all ages IDW Publishing series. Previously, Count Nefaria has trapped Thor, Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange inside the Ruby Egress. At the same time, he has begun to bring the evil creatures trapped inside the Ruby into Earth’s Dimension. The Avengers left outside the Ruby Egress are not making a dent in Nefaria’s defenses. How will our hero’s stop Nefaria and free the three trapped Avengers?

Credits and Thoughts

This issue is written by Matthew K. Manning. Artwork is by Jon Sommariva and colors by Photobunker. I love this issue and the series as a whole. The art and colors are on par with any Teen rated comic out there. The story is action filled and interesting as well. I don’t get around to reviewing these books because after my son and I read them, he likes to go back through them before he falls asleep. Last night with this one, he was copying some of the dialogue onto some blank paper. I might have a future letterer on my hands. Watch out Christa Miesner. All that to say Marvel Action Avengers is a great read for kid and adults alike.

Thor versus the Sea Monster

Marvel Action: Avengers #6 *SPOILERS*

The three heroes trapped inside the Ruby Egress feel the pull to succumb to their own rage. Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel are able to fight the effects, but Thor is overcome. He tries to fight everything and everyone he sees. Captain Marvel drops a Sea Monster on him, but that only slows him down a little. She finally talks Thor down until he can fight the rage and wield Mjolnir again. Once they are fully equipped again, they decide their best plan is to see how much power the Ruby Egress can withstand. Working together, the three trapped Avengers knock the Ruby from Nefaria’s hand when they focus their power on their cage.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Avengers have been fighting Nefaria with no luck. But once the Ruby Egress is out of his control, they are able to subdue him quickly. The Avengers gain control of the Ruby and Black Widow takes Nefaria down. With everyone back together again, they celebrate the victory. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they will be able to celebrate for long. We see that the whole ordeal was a test by A.I.M. to see if the stone could be used against another threat headed to Earth. Madame Masque informs A.I.M. Command that the Fear Eaters will arrive soon and the Ruby will be of no use to them.

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