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Firefly #8 – Overview

Firefly #8 has the crew still in search for Mal. Mal and Boss Moon are on a planet infested with giant insects and are forced to work together to survive. Zoe has assembled a group of former Browncoats and possibly started another War between the Alliance and the Browncoats. Kaylee and Leonard have left Wash, Book and Inara to travel back to Nazareth to save River and Simon (and maybe Jane too). Wash, Shepard Book and Inara have stumbled upon the resistance fighters that have banned together to join Zoe in her fight against the Alliance. Can Zoe save Mal and prevent the Browncoats from starting another War?

Credits and Thoughts

This issue of Firefly is written by Greg Pak. Artwork is provided by David McDaid with inks from Vincenzo Federici. I’m pretty happy with a lot of stuff Greg Pak is putting out right now. This is a really fun series that has all our favorite characters from the show and movie in brand new adventures. The artwork is awesome as always. It stays true enough to the actor’s likeness to remind us of the original, but is still fresh and creative. I recommend this series for any fan of Joss Whedon’s creations. If you’re not familiar with the source material you could miss some things but it’s not a huge deal to go back and watch the show and the movie. Spoilers for the issue are below. Read on if you just want to know what happened. Otherwise, go grab the issue before continuing.

Preacher is tired of guns

Firefly #8 – The Story

After discovering the plot to start another War, Wash and Book try and talk some sense into the Browncoats. Wash demands they take him to his wife so they can stop them from making a huge mistake. Jane has landed in prison after Nazareth’s sheriff mistakes him for Wash. River and Simon try and free Jane by posing as Kaylee and Leonard. Unfortunately, the Sheriff know Leonard and knows they are not who they say they are. Now that all three are in prison, it’s up to Kaylee and Leonard to break them out, literally.

Boss Moon and Mal are making their way to an Alliance outpost when they see it’s about to be overrun with insects. Moon tells Mal to get out of there while she helps the people trapped in the outpost. He doesn’t and they both find out they are wanted by the Alliance and end up arrested. Meanwhile, the Browncoat fleet catches up to Zoe, but they are joined by an Unification Fleet that must have followed them. Good for the Browncoats, these Unificators are upset that Boss Moon has been framed and they have decided to join with the Browncoats to free Moon and Mal.

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