Collapser #1

Liam James is an anxiety stricken nursing home worker and part time DJ in DC’s Young Animal series Collapser. He constantly argues with the voice in his head about every decision he makes. But everything changes when he receives a package in the mail from his mother. He doesn’t know this, but his mother was some sort of galactic super-powered hero (or villain, I guess we really don’t know yet). She has died and left him the source of her power. This source is a black hole that will inhabit his chest and grant him extraordinary abilities. We follow Liam as he learns about his mothers past and his future.

Credits and Thoughts

The story is by Mikey Way and Shaun Simon. Art is provided by Ilias Kyraizis with colors by Cris Peter. This is a book for Mature readers. So far the mature rating is for language and some gore. I’m not huge into mature comics but I do love horror style stories, and those are hard to come by without some language and gore. This issue’s art was good. It fits the story extremely well. The story itself is interesting. A black hole providing super powers in someone’s chest is original to say the least. There’s enough suspense and mystery to excite you for what is to come. There is also a good amount of plot movement for an introductory issue. Spoilers are ahead so turn back now if you want to read the issue for yourself.

A black hole delivered in a package

Collapser #1 – *SPOILERS*

Anxious about even a knock on his door, Liam grabs his plastic sword to defend himself from robbers. Little does he know the knock is from an intergalactic delivery service with his inheritance from his mother. The delivery man informs him that his mother is dead and has left him whatever is in the package. Liam leaves the package to go about his normal day at the nursing home.

He later goes to his part time DJing gig. His girlfriend, Joycelyn, and friend, Tripp, encourage him as a promoter is in attendance a his gig. Unfortunately, the power goes out in the middle of his set. Liam is crushed after potentially blowing his chance to get noticed. Going home defeated and pushing away his friends away in the process. He returns home to a mess that is created when you leave a black hole in you’re apartment all day. He is quickly introduced to the world out side his life and anything he could have imagined. What is next for our protagonist as he learns about his mother and his future?

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