Batman #75

Batman 75

Batman #75 – Overview

Batman #75 is the beginning of City of Bane. We left Bruce and Thomas Wayne in the desert after an attempt by Thomas to resurrect his wife, and Bruce’s mother. Bruce out smarted the Flashpoint Batman and they battled to escape the Nain pit. It appear Bruce is victorious as we see a hand crawling out of the pit. Unfortunately, City of Bane doesn’t address any of that and just jumps to the next story, almost as if it didn’t happen. Both Thomas and Bruce are in this issue, but there is no mention of who climbed out first, how they got out of the desert or anything at all. Besides that, we’re still at a slow pace. The issue is interesting though. The villains are running Gotham and have taken over everything. They are now the police, regulating their own and arresting anyone who won’t fall in line.

Credits and Thoughts

Tom King continues his run writing the main Batman title. Artists on this issue are Tony S. Daniel and Mitch Gerads. Colors are provided by Tomeu Morey and Mitch Gerads. The art and colors are awesome. Some of the villains are terrifying, in particular the couple of panels that Professor Pyg is featured. Just imagine a psychopath in a pig mask with at GCPD vest and a huge knife. Actually, you could just go get the comic and not imagine. The story for me continues to be disappointing. Like I said earlier, the biggest transition from the Fall and the Fallen to City of Bane is one full page with a dark background and rain that just says, “Later”. Batman has done nothing but catch L’s since the wedding issue. Gotham Girl was fun. And the villains are crazy. I’m just beyond ready to see Batman be Batman again. For as much as I complain about this title, I keep getting it so King is doing something right.

Riddler and Joker Detectives?

Batman #75 – The Story

City of Bane starts after the Bane has taken over Gotham. Joker and Riddler are riding around looking for Two Face. He is one of the Villains that wants to challenge Bane’s rule over Gotham. So the other Villains that do not resist compose the police force. They hunt down anyone not following Bane’s rules and have a complete lock-down of the city. Citizens and criminals alike are under the thumb of Bane. Thomas and Gotham Girl are enforcers with Gotham Girl even having a bill board warning citizens to behave. Alfred is still at Wayne Manor with Thomas Wayne, but more as a captive. He does warn Thomas that once Bruce is back, all the villains are in trouble. I for one certainly hope so. Thomas and Gotham Girl capture Two Face and he is thrown in Arkham.

Bruce is traveling through some snowy, mountainous region in search for someone. When he arrive to find his former mentor, he finds that the Memory of the Mountain is dead and a couple of thugs have taken his place. They get the jump on him and steal all his clothes looking for something valuable. Side note, Batman getting jacked by a couple of random thugs bothers me to no end. We learn they are working for Magpie, who is in turn working for Bane. Bruce is left in the snow to die when Catwoman shows up just in time. Hopefully we are at a turning point in Batman’s story.

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