House of X #1

House of X #1

House of X #1 – Overview

House of X #1 is the start of the future of the X-Men and a weekly reinventing of the X-Men universe. Together with the Powers of X (10 not Ex), Hickman and the creative time will reshape how we see the X-Men. All I can really say to start this off is WOW! You really need to go grab this issue if you haven’t already. If you’re local comic shop is out, there are second printings coming so be patient. Also consider getting Powers of X next week as well. It starts off a little confusing and a little slow, but the build up is amazing and by the end, I was so excited for the future of the X-Men. I can’t wait to see what direction Powers of X in going. That’s really all I can say. It is absolutely a must have comic if you’re a fan of X-Men or the Marvel Universe in general.

Credits and Thoughts

Jonathan Hickman takes over the X-Men Universe with Pepe Larraz drawing and Marte Garcia coloring. Everything about this creative team is great in this first issue. I love the way all the characters are drawn. Cyclop’s black and blue suit with the metal visor. Jean’s mask and dress with the X belt. Xavier with the big X helmet. Everything looks amazing. The writing is superb. Without spoiling it, there is an interaction with another superhero group that just dropped my jaw while reading. The X-Men are poised to take their place in the Universe. Below I will be talking about the plot and some spoilers so if you’re planning to read the issue, stop here and go grab it.

Charles Xavier calls his X-Men

House of X #1 – The Story

House of X #1 begins a little slow, with a giant plant structure and PODs that mutants crawl out of as they are summoned by Xavier. This was a little confusing at first as to who these mutants were and what this plant was. I assume one of them was Cyclops as he had the red sparkle around in his eye. I’m still not sure what that was or when it all occurred. You also see some of the most notable X-Men, cultivating flowers in different parts of the world. These flowers grow extremely large roots and vegetation and take over builds. Their purpose is to provide portals to the Mutant only island Krakoa. Krakoa is a interconnected plant based consciousness that provides the Island for the Mutants and the flowers provide miracle drugs that will help humans.

Magneto hosts some of the World’s ambassadors to negotiate terms of gaining access to the drugs in exchange for the recognition of the Mutant Nation and peace between mutants and humans. So it looks like all the mutants are working together finally to be at peace with humanity. The ambassadors were just as surprised as I was. With the help of Esme and Sophie Cuckoo, Magneto finds out who is truly there to negotiate peace, and who wants to challenge the offer from Xavier. Only one of the people invited came to agree to terms, one other will agree if they are given exclusive rights to the drugs, the rest have no intention of dealing with the Mutants. In the end, Magneto lets them know that the World is going to be different, and no matter what, Mutants will have their Nation and live as they please.

Fantastic Four Arrive

Another exchange involves Mystique, Toad and Sabretooth. They are stealing information from some servers in the Damage Control facility. They escape the building only to run into the Fantastic Four. This is the exchange that really dropped my jaw. Mystique and Toad escape into a Krakoan portal but Sue traps Sabertooth before he can get through. Just after, Cyclops shows up through the portal to collect Sabretooth, but the Fantastic Four and not giving him up. After an intense exchange, Cyclops concedes and says they will deal with it another time. He then does the thing that had me wondering if the X-Men were the good guys in all this. He tells Sue to say hello to Franklin and tell him he has a family in Krakoa when he’s ready. That’s pretty messed up. So all mutants, good or bad, are working together and they are not concerned if humans get hurt in the process of establishing their Nation.

How will Humans React?

We can see through out the book that humans have been observing what Xavier is doing. He bought up pharmaceutical companies to give mutants the only means of distributing the wonder drugs. They observed as these plant portals grew into massive structures all across the world. So out of fear, they of course plan a way to attack the mutants. A group of humans lead by their director Doctor Killian Devo have arrived at the Forge. This outer space building facility has already started building what appears to be a giant sentinel. Each member of the team has affiliations with some of Earths biggest military agencies, including AIM and SHIELD. Can humans and mutant ever live in peace? Or will they wipe each other out before that’s possible.

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