Uncanny X-Men #22

Uncanny X-Men 22
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Uncanny X-Men #22

This is the end of the Uncanny X-Men as Marvel gears up for the House of X and Powers of X. It all ends here. This is forever. Emma Frost and the Hellfire Club have effectively wiped the knowledge of mutants from the minds of all humans. So is this the life of the X-Men now? Forever hiding but with the peace of knowing they won’t be found out. As the series closes out, all will be answered.

Credits and Thoughts

This issue ends Matthew Rosenberg’s run on Uncanny X-Men. I enjoyed the things he did with the series. I would have liked to see this story played out even further. I’ll explain a little more after the spoiler warning. Salvador Larroca and David Messina provide the artwork. GURU-eFX provides the colors. It’s a really nice tie-up issue that brings all the story-lines together to a close. The are is amazing as usual for X-Men titles. I know a ton of people, myself included, are super excited for House of X but Rosenberg and this creative team did some good work in these 22 issues. If you haven’t read all of it I suggest you at least get some digital issues and catch up. Be warned, below the read more tag are spoilers.

Cyclops and Dinah

Uncanny X-Men #22 – The Story

Even though Emma Frost has wiped the memory of mutant out of the minds of humans, General Callahan has managed to shield himself from her control. With control of two Sentinels, he leads an assault on the X-Men. Alex and Scott are attacked away from the Hellfire Club Mansion. Without the help of the rest of the X-Men, Alex goes nuclear to save Scott and give him a chance to rejoin the others. Once there, the whole X-Men team goes on the defensive as Callahan and his Sentinels attack. Jamie Maddrox is lost in an attempt to help Wolverine get close enough to Callahan to take him out. The plan was to make enough duplicates of himself that Wolverine could get up close and personal. With Alex and Jamie fallen, the X-Men are getting desperate and prepare for this to be their final stand.

Just as it seems that Hope is lost, the other mutants that were trapped in the Age of X-Man appear just in time. Together, they defeat Callahan and his Sentinels. Scott and Jean reunite for the first time since his resurrection. Emma is left feeling jealous of Jean. Now they must decide whether or not the future of the X-Men will be in hiding or out in the open. Scott blows up the machine that is keeping the humans from seeing the mutants as they are as they stand strong. So now as we prepare for the House of X, we will have to wait and see if any of this is going to be incorporated into the X-Men’s future.

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