Amazing Spider-Man #25

Amazing Spider-Man 25
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Amazing Spider-Man #25 – Overview

Amazing Spiderman #25 marks year two of Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley and Humberto Ramos’ run on ASM! This giant sized issue, entitled Opening Night,  has a few stories with-in, but we will focus on the main story. There is a lot going on, but we get to see Mary Jane be the hero this time. Electro is causing havoc. Peter is searching for Doc Connors. And Kindred has still yet to reveal his plans for Spider-Man.

Credits and Thoughts

Nick Spenser writes this issue of Amazing Spider-Man with Ryan Ottley and Humberto Ramos providing the main artwork. There are a ton of other artist featured with the supplemental stories as well. It’s a very well written and drawn issue. I like that it gives us a little focus on Mary Jane, who was sort of absent during the Hunted story arc. The two extra stories are pretty cool as well. The Team Up story involves Spidey, J. Jonah Jameson and Doctor Strange in a funny short story. The Robo-Helpers story is a short comic strip style tale that is written as if a bot was forced to read all Spider-Man comics and created it’s own story.

If I’m being real honest, we just got done with an almost weekly run with the Hunted. Now I have a giant 60 page book to get, and other Spider-Man books. It’s a little much but I understand they wanted to recognize the start of year two for this creative team. The main story is really good too. A lot of plot movement and some good twists and turns along the way. I will be spoiling the issue below so just be aware of that.

Spider-Man vs Big Robot

Amazing Spider-Man #25 – The Story

Like I said, there is a lot happening in this main story. Peter stands up MJ, which can be pretty typical when you’re a Super Hero. Good thing she has a back-up “date” for opening night of a play starring one of MJ’s old rivals. Whilst attending the play, Electro has another drama in mind. She live streams the kidnapping of said old rival, Melanie Daniels, and asks people to donate to save her life. Turns out, it’s more profitably to ask people to donate to end it instead.

The always quick on her feet MJ, concocts a plan to save Daniels, with the help of her date, Carlie Cooper and the stage manager. She does a switch-a-roo with Cooper distracting Electro and MJ taking the place of Daniels on the stage. Stalling to give the stage manager time to dump the water tank on Electro, MJ gives an Oscar worthy speech before Electro gets incapacitated. MJ shows off her super powers of quick thinking and acting to defeat a super-villain on her own.

Where’s Spider-Man?

Then there is Peter’s part of the story. He finds the location of Doc Connors and goes to find him and convince him to go back home to his family. Connors has sealed himself away and has self-replicating robots guarding him in case the Lizard form of himself escapes. He is too afraid of what he might do as the Lizard to go home. After a long fight, and a lot of talking, Peter convinces him that he can control the Lizard and Connors stops the robots and come out of his holding cell. Peter sets him up with a new inhibitor chip, and sends him home to be with his wife and son. Its a nice ending and a loose end I was waiting for after the Hunted.

What about the Centipede guy?

But wait, there’s more. Kindred is still out there waiting to wreak havoc on Spider-Man’s life. I was honestly not sure if the sequence with Kindred killing Mysterio was a dream or real. Turns out, it was both, but only kind of. Peter was dreaming, but he saw what appears to be real events. I assume this is still an effect of the drug from Kraven. But Mysterio is not dead. He had brainwashed his therapist into thinking he was him, and it was the therapist that Kindred killed. Kindred knew this of course, and even though he didn’t want to kill an innocent, Mysterio had revealed his name to him. So that’s it. It’s an issue of Amazing Spider-Man, packed with a ton of good stuff. I really did enjoy the issue, even though they forced me into a giant sized price.

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