Superman #13


Superman #13 is another installment in the Unity Saga. Supergirl and Jon have gone to find answers elsewhere. Clark and Jor-El have arrived at the remains of Krypton. The bulk of the issue is focused on Kryptons past and the events just before it’s destruction.

Credits and Thoughts

Superman #13 is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art from a collaboration of three artists. Brandon Peterson provides art on pages 1-19. Ivan Reis takes on pages 20-23 with Joe Prado inking those pages. Colors are done by Alex Sinclair. It’s a decent issue. Artwork is awesome. The colors contrast Kryptons red sun and the blue lighting of Jor-El’s secret meetings with the council. It’s a little bit of a filler but I think a lot of necessary information is gathered. Spoilers ahead so if you haven’t read it go grab it now.

Jor-El overlooking Krypton

Superman #13 – The Story

This issue focuses primarily on backstory of the event before Kryptons destruction. Jor-El knows that something is coming. He pleads with the council to let him warn his people but they deny his requests. They ask to resume the conversation the next day but not before mentioning Rogol Zara. Afterward, Joe-El is attacked by Thangarians. Then the planet begins a to rumble and buildings crumble. Knowing that this is the end for Krypton, he once again pleads with the council to take in refugees. They once again refuse.

Back to the present, Superman is digesting Jor-El’s story and trying to figure out what it has to do with who Krypton’s destruction. No huge revelation that we weren’t already told. But Jor-El is convinced if they are going to find answers, they must start at there. The last little bit the the issue is on Earth with Lois. Luthor appears through a drone and offers her a small box. Lois is very skeptical but seems very surprised when she opens it. We will find out what’s in there in a later issue.

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