Oblivion Song #17

Oblivion Song #17 picks up right where we left Nathan, explaining the necessity of his actions. He had narrowly escaped Oblivion as he saved Marco and his team of scientist from the faceless men. Ed comes to realize just how advanced these faceless men are after they blew him out of the sky with some sort of laser, killing Silverwing. And it appears the exiled Keith is working with the faceless men to attack and capture his former camp. Lots of action and mystery surrounds this new species of seemingly intelligent humanoids, native to Oblivion.

Credits and Thoughts

The creative team of Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici continue with this issue. Annalisa Leoni provides the coloring. I love the world they have created in this series. The creatures and world design does not disappoint. The coloring helps to travel between worlds. I highly recommend you start this series if you haven’t already. Kirkman, in a recent interview, said he would bring back the Walking Dead if his other books stopped doing so well. But I think we should move on with what this creative team has to offer in exploring new stories. Plus, with this book, we will hopefully get to see the world brought to life in theaters in the future. Spoilers for the issue are ahead so if you don’t want to spoil it, go grab this issue and check it out yourself.

Oblivion Song #17 – The Story

Nathan is still pleading his case to Director Ward for his unauthorized trip to Oblivion. Everyone seems on the same page that it was the right thing to do, but Ward is still afraid that the program will get shut down if they don’t follow the rules. Nathan tried to convince him that he needs to go back, to at least warn Ed and the others about the faceless men. While they all can’t seem to come to agreement, everyone does seem to be working toward a common goal.

Ed returns to camp, barely alive after Silverwing was killed by a giant laser canon in the jungle. He knows where he can find the faceless men, but Lucy and the others know that he and Dane are in no condition to bring a fight to their enemies. They also don’t know that Keith is working against the camp. Before Ed can convince everyone to let him go after them, the faceless men show up at camp and begin abducting everyone in the glowing pods. They would have gotten Ed too if Nathan hadn’t showed up at the last minute. With everyone at the human camp in Oblivion taken, Ed and Nathan must come up with a plan to stop whatever Keith is building out in the jungle. The only good news is that everyone is still alive, even after being captured.

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