Event Leviathan #2

Event Leviathan

Event Leviathan #2 brings together Lois Lane, Batman, Green Arrow, The Question, Plastic Man and Manhunter to figure out the mystery of Leviathan. Their investigation has leads them to find Jason Todd, the Red Hood, outside the site of another attack. They have to find out who Leviathan is and just what their new world is going to look like. The only thing in their favor is that no bodies have been found at any of the attack sites. So either everyone survived and was taken, or they were vaporized.

Credits and Thoughts

This miniseries is written by Brian Michael Bendis with artwork by Alex Maleev. I was not totally sold on getting this prior to issue #1 but decided to try it. I have not been disappointed so far. It is a little slow moving. Two issues out of 5 and it doesn’t seem we are any closer to any answers. We do get a possible identity of the Leviathan leader. Not being familiar with current events in the DC Universe can also leave you really confused. I had to look up what the deal was between Red Hood and Batman. It’s still a good mystery and worth a read. You’re spoiler warning is here so if you’re planning on reading the issue go grab it now.

The search for Leviathan

Event Leviathan #2 – The Story

Red Hood is looking over the site of the latest Leviathan attack when Batman arrives and begins to question him. This is basically the entire issue. The conversation between them rehashed the previous events. We do find out that Sam Lane, Lois’ father, killed a soldier of Leviathan in the hospital. Plastic Man was going over the body for clues when the Leviathan leader, or whomever appears to be their leader, showed up to collect the body. In doing so, he tells Plastic Man that he knows him and they they have similar origins. He then disappears with the body of the fallen soldier.

After the backstory is revealed, the rest of our hero detectives appear with Batman. Damien is with them an reveals that he believes the death of Roy Harper has sent Jason into such deep grief, that he is unknowingly behind Leviathan. The hero’s are there to capture him, but he jumps away to escape as they give chase.

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