Catwoman #13


Catwoman #13 has the Year of the Villain: The Offer tie-in at the end, but the rest of the issue continues the story where we left off. Selina and Carlos return after stealing an artifact that doubles as a map, only to find out Linda is missing. Raina Creel has captured Carlos’ Mother in order to track them and the artifact down. Can they find Linda and keep the artifact out of the hands of Creel?

Credits and Thoughts

Issue #13 of this Catwoman series was written by Joelle Jones. Artwork is done by Fernando Blanco, Hugo Petrus and Joelle Jones. It is colored by Laura Allred and John Kalisz. This issue was pretty crazy. Lots of things going on with plenty of plot movement. It’s a pretty dark issue but the series has been that way from the beginning. Raina Creel is a complete psychopath. She has been an excellent villain so far. Artwork is amazing as always. Creel is terrifying in action and in looks. Plus we get the Year of the Villain tie-in in this issue with Luthor making his proposal to Catwoman. I recommend this series if you a Catwoman fan, or you’re a fan of darker superhero stories. Spoilers are below so tread lightly if you don’t want to know.

Catwoman sets out to search for Linda

Catwoman #13 – The Story

Upon finding her sister has been kidnapped, Selina sets out to find who has her. Unfortunately, Creel is out to find the artifact they stole and has captured Carlos’ mother to find it. They show up with some muscle to take the artifact. After Carlos is beaten up a little by Detective Yilmaz, he gets the artifact for Creel. I’m doing so, some blood gets on it and reveals the map. Selina arrives in time to try and fight off Yilmaz and subdue Creel. Then Creel’s back from the dead son manages to stab her with a sickle and they get away.

Now knowing the secret to the artifact, Creel sets out to unlock the map. She summons her son Ray, the newly elected Mayor, to meet with her about her findings. Unfortunately for him, she has decided that he will be the blood sacrifice that gets her the map. I told you it was pretty dark. In the end, Luthor appears to make his offer to Selina. We will have to wait until September to find out what he is offering. Next month begins Hermosa Heat Part 1.


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