The Flash #74

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The Flash #74 is chapter five of the Year One story. If you want to get caught up on The Flash, check out and see what’s in stock. Year One has been a fun look back at Barry’s first year having his powers. If you enjoy exploring time travel like I do, this arc has been really cool. Can Barry defeat King Turtle and stop his plan to slow down the multiverse? If he succeeds, then the time loop will be broken, and that could be even more disastrous.

Credits and Thoughts

Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter are the storytellers once again. HiFi is also once again providing the coloring. I really have enjoyed this arc so far. Since I started on this DC Rebirth at issue #50, it’s been nice to not have some backstory going on that I’m not sure about. It also makes me want to go back and read some more of Williamson and Porter’s Flash adventures. The art and colors are awesome. There’s always a warm color theme surrounding the Flash. I also enjoy the way they depict the speed when Barry is running. If you’re at all a fan of the Flash, grab this whole story starting with issue #69.

King Turtle and Old Man Flash

The Flash #74 – The Story

This issue picks up with King Turtle traveling back from the future. He has the older Barry captured and has drained his speed. Young Barry manages to get his older self free, but Turtle has already drained his speed and his life. With little time left for future Barry, he tries to convince the younger Flash to run away to save the multiverse. If he fights Turtle and wins, the risk of a time paradox is real. If he fights Turtle and loses, the whole multiverse will be subject to Turtle’s power.

Here is where time travel starts to hurt my brain. Turtle made future Flash use the treadmill to bring them both back in time. But a good amount of time in the present has passed. So did that same amount of time pass in the future before Turtle was able to come back? Why didn’t he just come back at the exact time young Barry returned? If Turtle always returns to Central City and captures it, how does older Barry still become the Flash and build the cosmic treadmill and all that? He apparently always runs away so that Turtle cannot drain his speed. I think it’s all the questions that make time travel so much fun.

Young Barry refuses to do nothing and goes after King Turtle. It would appear this choice would be a lose/lose situation but he can’t sit by while Central City grinds to a halt. Especially since Turtle has Iris. Just when Barry thinks he may be able to handle this fight, the young Turtle shows up to further complicate things. This is getting so good. I can’t wait for the next issue.

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