Batman #74

Batman #74 picks up back in the desert with Bruce and Thomas Wayne dragging a coffin. Their destination is the Nain Pit which has the ability to resurrect the dead. Thomas’ objective is to resurrect whomever is in the coffin. The previous issue hints at who that is but we get confirmation in this issue. I’ll leave that reveal for later.

Credits and Thoughts

Tom King concludes his Fall and the Fallen arc here as the City of Bane arc is just around the corner. I’m not the biggest fan of this run. It’s had its moments but it’s just not how I envision Batman. If I’m being honest, if it were a story independent of Batman, I might be seeing this totally different. Like the twist at the end of this issue was pretty dang cool. King is doing something right if he’s got me wanting to see the next issue as soon as I put this one down. The art and the coloring by Mikel Janin and Jordie Bellaire is phenomenal. I do notice in some panels, Bruce looks like a WWE star. That’s also not how I envision Batman.

Batman in the Desert

The Story – Batman #74

On their way to the Nain Pit, Thomas and Bruce Wayne encounter the leader of the group swarm to protect it. They may short work of the entire group and head on their way. Thomas brings up the story he used to read to Bruce that was the Russian fable about the animals in the pit. This has been a reoccurring story that I first remember from when Batman tracked down KGBeast. Thomas is recalling that Bruce would cry for him to read the story to him. They finally reach the pit before Bruce explains why he always begged for the story.

Bruce wanted to hear the story hoping it would change. All the animals end up in this pit and have no food. They end up eating each other until the Fox is the only one left. But you never find out if the Fox gets out. They must climb down into a giant pit to get to the pool known as the Nain Pit. I’m not The Wayne’s fight down there next to the pit with Thomas getting the better of Bruce only to find out there’s no body in the coffin. Bruce has buried his mother in the desert so that Thomas could not resurrect her. The last shot we see is of a hand crawling out from the pit. We are left to assume who it is but from the context, Bruce finally beat Thomas and left him behind.

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