No One Left to Fight

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No One Left to Fight is a story designed to appeal to fans of Dragon Ball and other fight Manga. After years of war and fighting, this is the story of after the last battle was won. Fighting is what defines the great warriors. But what happens when there is no on left to fight?

Credits and Thoughts

This issue is written and created by Aubrey Sitterson. With this being the first issue, it’s hard to tell what this story will look like. So far we get some introductions to the characters and a glimpse of the backstory. The artwork is all done by Fico Ossio. The coloring and style work with the story extremely well. The bright colors pop off the page and the unique characters are drawn well. If you’re a fan to Manga style art and story telling this should be right up your alley.

Vale and Fargie Reunited

The Story

There is not much to get into story wise in this issue. We meet Vale, Fargie, Timor, Krysta and the Twins. This is a reunion after what seems like a long absence of Vale. There is definitely some tension between Timor and Vale but the rest of the characters or excited he is home. Timor is Vale’s older brother and the fought together.

The brother’s feud stems from the battle with the monster Gor Despo. It looks as if Vale is credited for the defeat Gor, but I’m not sure that is the whole story. The tension turns into a sparring match between the brothers. Not willing to be bested by his younger brother in front of his children, Timor may go too far. What happened back during the battle to cause this rift? And will Timor let his pride cause him to injure his brother or worse?

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